About Us

About Us

Whether or not your next laboratory project is in an extreme environment or not, we pride ourselves in the fact that our laboratories can operate throughout the world. Our construction materials and design principles have weathered the tests of time over and over again.

Why buy from CPM? If you are an architect or engineer, you will welcome the superior materials and workmanship we put into our labs that make them durable, attractive, and concise. If you are a lab manager, you will value our designs that promote safety and efficient work conditions. If you are a CFO, you will appreciate how our quality products provide a maximized return on your money. So what are we trying to say? No matter who you are, we can offer solutions to fit your every need.

Solutions… From concept to completion, your laboratory is built to your needs. On time. On budget. Always.

Not a Typical Modular… but we still have to call it one. Our construction materials and production methods are unlike any other modular product you will come across. Our quality and price cannot be matched.

Time is money… and we can save you both! Concurrent construction can save you both time and money on your project. While we build your laboratory building at our plant in Tucson, AZ, your site engineers and contractors can prepare the site for installation.

Safe… Accidents don’t happen on accident. Thoughtful planning, preparation, and competent design ensure that all risks are minimized.

Peace of mind… is possible knowing that your new laboratory has been built to exceed industry safety standards.

CPM Laboratories have been installed worldwide in locations that define the word “Extreme.” From the hot desert sands of Iraq, to the bone-chilling winters of Northern Canada, CPM has consistently placed our laboratories in these environments with great success. Our laboratories can be placed virtually anywhere on the globe.

Flexible… Durable… Concrete floors are usually the first item end-users notice about our laboratory buildings. And you won’t find any wood framing in our products. Steel framing is a hallmark of our construction. A Hurricane proof building is not really possible, but our products can stand up to 125 m.p.h. winds!