Quality Modular Laboratories


CPM LABFAB, Inc. fabricates standard and custom modular laboratories for general chemistry, vivarium or BSL use. Virtually any size requirement can be met. Often the fabrication, delivery and start-up is completed in a matter of just a few months, allowing the users to be "up and running" very quickly.

Originally located in Colorado, CPM LABFAB, Inc. recognized the need for a modular laboratory that was built of quality materials, could be built quickly and was cost-effective for the customer. After many successful years in Colorado CPM relocated it's operations to Tucson, Arizona in 2004 to take advantage of an excellent labor force and favorable working conditions necessary to fabricate laboratories in a timely manner.

CPM LABFAB, Inc. has developed several standard lab designs that meet a wide range of laboratory needs for either short-term or permanent use. These turn-key laboratories are available for sale or lease, and are built for general chemistry, bio-safety, or vivarium use.

Need a larger laboratory than our standard lab? Our design team works closely with the end-user to design and fabricate a custom modular laboratory specifically to meet their size and functional needs. We have worked extensively over the years with various industries and educational institutions to meet their specific requirements.

CPM LABFAB, Inc. uses it's extensive knowledge in the modular laboratory industry to fulfill three essential elements. First, provide a laboratory building, constructed at a remote location. O.S.C. (off-site construction) ensures the use of standardized materials, straightforward design and the best construction methods and quality control procedures in the industry. Second, offer this building in a standardized design format with generous room for customer options. Third, pass significant cost savings to our customers by presenting a reasonable price with flexible purchase and lease options.