MiniExpress Lab

Over 20 lineal feet of casework and a 4 foot fume hood come standard in this lab. Safety doesn’t take a break in our laboratories. Every feature you find in any modern laboratory will be found in the Express Lab.

· A fully functional laboratory housed in a 20’ ISO container. Readily deployable anywhere in the world.
· Arrives to the project site ready for utility connections and immediate operation.
· Short lead-time with project cycles ranging one to four weeks.
· Temporary installations/ locations.
· Designed specifically for laboratory use with high performance interior finishes and mechanical systems.
· Lease and Purchase options in most cases. Short term leasing is a popular option.
· Readily transportable

· Field Laboratory.
· Quality assurance sampling at source
· General chemistry and research.
· Biological, Intrinsically safe, and other configurations available.
· In-Unit process monitoring