Quick Response...With Options
By far our most popular product, the Rapid Lab™ design focuses on speed of project completion, safety, quality, and affordability. The combination of these factors unite its main purpose: To deliver rapidly while offering many configuration options. Generally, customers see their building arrive in less than six weeks. Maintaining the interior configuration to the standard layout plan plays a large role in providing the laboratory in a short time. However, CPM can accommodate almost any request and we pride ourselves in being able to do it fast.

The building arrives at your site ready to operate because it is completely outfitted to your needs prior to leaving our plant. Twenty foot storm surges on the Gulf Coast. Chilling winters in Northern Canada. Dry desert heat in Iraq. The RAPIDLAB has stared down some of the toughest conditions our world has to offer.

· A single, 500 square foot stand-alone laboratory designed for rapid deployment.
· Arrives to the project site ready for utility connections and immediate operation.
· Short lead-time with project cycles ranging from a few weeks to only a few months.
· Temporary or permanent installation.
· Designed specifically for laboratory use with high performance interior finishes.
· Lease and Purchase options.

· Swing space during remodel or repair
· R&D
· Wet chemistry
· Laboratory Animal Husbandry (Vivarium)
· Biological containment up to BSL 3
· In-Unit process sampling and QA